Europe’s Energy Security: Options and Challenges to Natural Gas Supply Diversification


This report focuses on potential approaches that Europe might employ to diversify its sources of natural gas supply, Russia’s role in Europe’s natural gas policies, and key factors that could hinder efforts to develop alternative suppliers of natural gas. The report assesses the potential suppliers of natural gas to Europe and the short- to medium-term hurdles needed to be overcome for those suppliers to be credible, long-term providers of natural gas to Europe.

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Federation of American Scientists

Consumers as Players in the Russian Gas Sector


The three main markets for Russian gas; namely the domestic market, CIS and European markets have seen cosumption levels significantly impacted by a range of factors in the past four years. These include the impact of the financial crisis and subsequent recession, the growth of renewables in Europe, the increasing competition between suppliers of gas as well as the consequences of abrupt changes in gas price levels in specific market geographies.

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The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Continential European Gas Hubs


Patrick Heather, the author of this information explores whether the Continental European gas hubs are ready to offer a market price mechanism for gas trading in North Western Europe and what has to happen for them to become credible price creation, discovery and reference points?

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The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Natural Gas and Ukraine’s Energy Future


At the request of Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, IHS CERA has carried out an intensive six-month program of research, consultation, and analysis in order to help all stakeholders develop a shared understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities presented by Ukraine’s natural gas industry.

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Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, IHS CERA

Are we Entering a Golden Age of Gas?


This report examines the factors that will drive the demand for, and supply of, natural gas in the coming decades, the conditions under which gas could play a far more prominent role in the global energy mix, and the implications that a "golden age of gas" could have for energy markets and the environment.

International Energy Agency