The head of board told the NAC about it «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Andrey Kobolev in interview «To Ukrainian Pravda».

- If the price is lower than this level, the producer and the budget of the state will lose money. Gaza in Ukraine is made insufficiently. We import nearly a half of gas. Thus gas is not the car or the TV where import and domestic can significantly differ on quality. Gas import and Ukrainian - identical. It is the same methane. And its market price identical, - Kobolev told.
According to him, the only way to achieve the price below import parity of such goods is to limit the price artificially. To force the producer to sell the goods cheaper than the market.

- You buy gasoline at gas station? How many you pay? It stands up 20 with something hryvnias for liter because at such price the import resource is on sale. No matter, it is gasoline from the Ukrainian oil or import. Gas which is bought by Ukraine in Europe and at «Gazprom» , it is the same import, - the head tells the NAC.
Kobolev notes that when we buy gas which within the country too is made insufficiently, we demand that for part of consumers these scarce goods were on sale at artificially cut price.

The absurdity in that for private producers other, market rules and market prices work, is stated by him.

- Gas was and remains a political product in minds of those people who got used to earn on it. Both political, and quite material dividends. It only gas, and gas doesn't share on Ukrainian, Russian or Norwegian, - Kobolev summed up.
On a question that earlier all politicians convinced the population that also it is a lot of gas of the Ukrainian production cheap, Kobolev emphasized that it isn't true.

- Lied to people with a specific goal. People were given gas cheap that other hand to take away from them much more.
We will note that recently working group on tariffs revealed opacity of their formation.