Ukraine is awaiting the ruling of the Stockholm arbitration court concerning the temporary gas price in the gas dispute with Russia to appear late in November 2014, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has said.

"The final version of such a ruling may appear in the last ten days of this November," he told reporters during a visit to the Yavorivsky training range in Lviv region on Tuesday.

He also noted that it was too early to talk about solving the gas issue prior to the signing of an interim contract on gas supplies with Russia.

"As long as the document is no signed, it is too early to talk about any solution of the gas issue. Though, knowing Russians, you can sign a contract, pay and get nothing, I know these Russian ways," Yatseniuk said.

According to him, there are two ways to solve the problem. The first is an interlocutory judgment by the Stockholm arbitration court concerning the gas lawsuit, which will set the price and terms of gas supply.

The prime minister noted that the second way would be to sign an interim contract, which Ukraine was ready to do. If it is signed, the Cabinet has already reserved $3.1 billion to pay for gas.

"If there is no contract, then I'll be frank, I believe that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin does not want to sign any contract, Putin's task is to get Ukrainians frozen. And we must be prepared for the worst-case scenario," he said.