With the view to identify and suppress misconduct as well as to prevent economic fraud, Naftogaz announces an open bidding for provision of independent financial and anti-corruption investigations (forensic accountant services).

The services shall be delivered by 31 December 2018 and include investigation of the following aspects:

- suspicious transactions;
- distortion of financial statements;
- violation of laws, policies and procedures;
- bribery and corruption;
- improper business relations;
- embezzlement of assets;
- conflict of interest.

Initializing work with global experts in fighting corruption and bribery, Naftogaz group makes steps towards the implementation of its zero corruption tolerance policy.

Naftogaz expects the engagement of international experts to support development of an effective internal anti-corruption system and improve business processes within the group.

The expected value of services is capped at UAH 26 million.

Requirements to tender participants include: staff members with relevant qualifications, knowledge and experience; proven experience in international financial and anti-corruption investigations, including those held in the EU or the US and Ukraine. A participant must have a duly equipped office/offices in the EU, including one in the UK.

Deadline for proposals is set at 11:00 a.m. 14 August 2017.

Detailed purchasing conditions are published online in the Prozorro e-procurement system: https://prozorro.gov.ua/tender/UA-2017-07-13-002366-b
For more information on the bidding, please contact us by phone (044) 586-37-68 or e-mail: [email protected].